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Our Staff's Favorite Holiday Items

Looking for unique holiday gift ideas? Check out our staff's favorite items in the Shoppe!

Julie’s favorites from the Shoppe are:

  • Virgo Moon Blueberry Lemon Chews - A customer favorite!

  • Pranarōm Glow Oil - Everyone LOVES Pranarom's skincare line, try it for yourself!

  • Willow Balm Pain Relief Patches - so handy to get some relief!

  • Pascha Chocolate Chips - Lovely allergen-friendly, vegan chocolate for all those holiday recipes!

  • Wild Reishi Tea - Yummy nourishing tea to keep your immune system up during all those holiday events!

Stop in to ask her why they are her favorites and maybe pick some up yourself!

Claire's favorites from the Shoppe are:

  • Lily Lolo Natural Mascara - A popular customer favorite!

  • Pranarōm Confidence Roller - The perfect natural essential oil perfume for gifts or for yourself.

  • Raspberry Green Tea - A cheerful beverage to warm up with!

  • Lemon Bursts - The perfect snack for the holidays.

  • Blue Vervain Tincture

“I love the Blue Vervain because it helps with balancing hormones. Menstrual cycles can be complicated and are so different from woman to woman, but I’ve found Blue Vervain and Raspberry Green Tea really help me! Then the Lemon Bursts are my favorite occasional sweet treat!”

Aimee's favorites from the Shoppe are:

  • Prana Kilaminjaro trail mix - The perfect snack

  • Dried mangoes - A customer favorite!

  • Rescue Remedy - A great option to relieve the holiday stress!

  • Calm Five - A great option to relieve the holiday stress!

  • Fields of Flowers - A great option to relieve the holiday stress!

“Fields of Flowers and Calm Five allow me to get a full night of sleep, instead of staying awake with thoughts running through my mind. They have not only helped me, but my family in getting through tough and stressful times!” Both of these remedies have helped a lot of people who come into the shop, as many people deal with extremely high day-to-day stress. Stop in to see if they could help you too!

Noah's favorites from the Shoppe are:

  • Grass-fed meats - Great option for those fun holiday meals.

  • Local Coffee (both Peace Coffee & Ilo Coffee) - Two fan-favorite organic coffee brands! You can't go wrong with either.

  • Pranarōm Happy Roller - Lovely option to bring some happiness with aromatherapy

  • Pranarōm Mistilia portable diffuser - Perfect choice for traveling and bringing your favorite essential oil scents with anywhere you go!

  • Lamb Shoppe Gift Certificates - For those who don't know what to buy, gift cards are the perfect solution.

Clara's favorites from the Shoppe:

  • Anellabees Honey Caramels

  • Just Bee Candles

  • Lily Lolo Eyeshadow Pallets

  • Pranarōm Essential Synergy

  • Pinky Up Addison Tea Set

“These are some of my favorite gift ideas for the holidays!

First, Anellabees Honey Caramels make a delicious treat for anyone made with simple clean ingredients. Add them to stockings, another gift, or just on their own.

I adore the Just Bee candles because they not only have beautiful artwork and smell lovely, but they are made with natural soy wax, organic coconut oil, naturally gathered beeswax, 100% natural cotton wicks, natural fragrance (aromatherapy grade and toxin free), and essential oils.

The Essential Synergy from Pranarōm is a lovely blend of essential oils for stress relief, topically for skincare, hair oil, or diffusion. This blend has been my go-to scent this season!

Pinky Up Addison is a perfect gift for a tea lover. Such an elegant tea pot, cup, and saucer all in one!

Last but not least, Lily Lolo eye shadow pallets are always a favorite go to gift option for someone looking for a natural makeup brand that is made with pure inert minerals and completely free for gmo, gluten, nano particles, talc, additives, harsh chemicals, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, fillers, petroleum-based chemicals, and other questionable ingredients.

Happy gift giving!”

Here are a couple of Connie’s favorites:

  • Sted’s Maple Toffee Chocolate Bars

  • Mushroom Christmas Ornament

  • Swedish Dish Towels

  • Earth Sky + Water Folding Guides

  • Herbal Card Sets

“It’s so hard to only pick a handful of items for my favorite gift ideas, but here are a few of my top picks!

Nature’s Medicine card set is a wonderful educational gift for anyone interested in herbal medicine as it covers 45 local plants and their uses!

For all those interested in mushroom hunting lately, I love the foldable indestructible laminated, and waterproof guide which is designed and manufactured in the USA. This quick reference guide gives you instant access to just what you need to know. Pair the dazzling Mushroom Ornament with this foldable guide to make an even better gift!

Lastly, I included these superb Swedish dishcloths because they are not only a beautiful gift, but a practical gift for any host during the holidays.”

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