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Meet Our Team

Connie Karstens, MS

Founder & President

For 30 years, Connie and her husband, Doug, have worked on their 180-acre sustainable livestock farm where sheep and other livestock are grazed. In 1996,

they opened a specialty on-farm USDA processing facility and retail store called the Lamb Shoppe. Connie offers private wellness consultations incorporating whole foods nutrition, herbs, stress management techniques, and other natural remedies to support and build overall health and re-balance the body.

Doug Rathke

Shepherd & Sheep Shearer

Doug is the shepherd and sheep shearer of the livestock at the Lamb Shoppe Farm. Doug has been shearing sheep for 35 years and shears with both machine and hand blades. Although he mostly shears farm flocks in the Midwestern United States, he also has had a variety of shearing experience throughout the US and abroad.

Clara Osley,MH, CHES®, CHNC

Managing Director

Clara Osley became interested in holistic health at a young age due to her own personal health struggles. Clara holds a MS in Herbal Medicine (MH) and is certified in Holistic Nutrition Consulting (CHNC) from American College of Healthcare Sciences. Also, she has been a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES®) since 2017. Also, in 2017, she joined the family business as a second-generation business partner. As a Master Naturalist, Clara has a passion for nature, plants, and holistic wellness. Clara enjoys coordinating educational classes & events for the public and strives to help empower health and wellness in the community. 

Noah Osley pic.jpg

Noah Osley

Managing Director

Noah joined the Lamb Shoppe as a partner in March 2023. He has a strong passion for helping others in any way he can. Noah is a certified practitioner in EMMETT Technique and has a passion for learning more about the body and chronic pain due to his own personal struggles as a young adult. He loves playing the drums, animals, and nature. You will find him around the Shoppe & farm helping with a variety of projects.

Aimee Bio Picture.jpg

Aimee Hornburg

Shoppe Manager

Aimee joined the Lamb Shoppe Team in October 2021.  Aimee and her husband, Greg of 25 years have two wonderful children together.  She has worked in retail over 30 years.  For many years she has worked in the herbal and holistic areas.  She has taken many of Connie’s classes and even her first herbalist class.  She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.  Her hobbies include gardening and foraging for herbs.  She is excited to be joining the team at the Lamb Shoppe and looks forward to seeing you at the Shoppe.

Julie Manninen.jpg

Julie Manninen

Shoppe Assistant

Julie is from Dassel, a mom to three boys. She's one of Connie's herbalism students at the Lamb Shoppe and enrolled in a massage therapy program. Her plans after school are to expand on previous myofascial release and cranial sacral therapy training as well learning Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and traveling with her family, photography and foraging for wild foods and medicinal plants. Puffball mushrooms are her favorite foraged find.

Claire Pauly.jpg

Claire Pauly

Shoppe Assistant

Claire joined the Lamb Shoppe team in September 2023. Claire and her husband, Tom, are from and still currently live in Dassel. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, reading, cooking, baking, and learning about holistic wellness. As a former teacher, Claire has a passion for knowledge and learning. She hopes to help all who come through the doors at the Lamb Shoppe!

Patty Thorwardson

Gardener & Grounds Keeper

Patty joined the Lamb Shoppe team in May 2020. She helps keep up our beautiful Herbal Garden and greenhouse tidy so that we can offer fresh produce and herbs in the Shoppe grown right here on our farm. Patty Thorwardson is an Independent BEMER Distributor with a passion for helping people realize their health options. Patty has logged over 130 hours of formal training on the usage and application of the BEMER, FDA class II registered medical device. Patty & her husband, John, have helped hundreds of people and animals over the last 7 years.

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