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IonCleanse by AMD

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Full Body Detox

The IonCleanse® by AMD helps the body relax and gently detox in a way it has never been able to before, even if normal pathways of elimination are compromised. Detoxification and relaxation with the IonCleanse® by AMD is a choice to strongly consider as part of your protocol.

Toxicants and toxicity interfere with every system of the body. Detoxification with the IonCleanse® by AMD paves a clearer path to success by helping the body's normal systems and processes function without these impediments. When you incorporate the IonCleanse® by AMD into a health plan, almost every other therapy or intervention may have a greater impact on your health and wellness. 

Common Benefits of the IonCleanse by AMD


Promotes General Wellness: The cleaner the body is internally, the better other therapies may work, including nutrition, chiropractic, and more. 

More Energy: Many notice more constant energy through the day.

Helps with Brain Fog: Feel like the best version of yourself. Calm, confident, clear, and focused.

Better Sleep/More Relaxed: The IonCleanse by AMD initiates a relation response, and often helps customers achieve better sleep.

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Detoxification and Relaxation Therapy

The IonCleanse® by AMD’s proprietary and patented technology results in only biocompatible electrical frequencies entering the water. This elicits a relaxation response. Concurrently, these frequencies create an ionic field that cleanses and purifies the body through the healing power of ions.


The IonCleanse® process ionizes the water as H2O is split into OH- and H+ ions. These ions attract and neutralize oppositely charged toxins. After a session, the user feels calm, relaxed, and focused. Typical session times vary from 10-30 minutes, primarily based on age. Most people will have a 30-minute session. 


What does the water color mean?

The water color change is a fascinating process. We estimate that about 70% of what you see in the tub comes from the user. The other 30% - the color change that will occur with or without feet - is most likely neutralized material from the water source or plate residue. While people can and do detox through their feet, the main detox benefit happens after the cleanse through your body's normal detox pathways.

Will I notice a difference?

Yes, most people do! But everybody is on their own timeline. Some will notice a physical change the same day as their first footbath, whereas others take a longer time to notice a difference. Some may even notice that they feel a little bit worse before they feel better - all are normal reactions and are positive signs.


The reactions to detoxification are different for everybody. You know your body better than anybody else. We highly suggest everyone personally evaluate their wellness profile before and after a series of cleanses to track personal progress.


Will the IonCleanse by AMD help with my ____________ ?

Every day we receive testimonials on the IonCleanse systems’ positive impact on people’s lives. However, because the IonCleanse by AMD is classified as a nonmedical device, FDA and FTC regulations do not allow us to share any testimonial that references a specific illness or condition. 

How often is it recommended to use the IonCleanse foot bath?

Typically clients use the foot bath 2-3 times per week as a starting point. When the body is fairly well detoxed, a maintenance program of at least one session per week should be followed as a part of a healthy lifestyle program. 

Is the material in the footbath really toxins releasing from my body?

Short answer - yes. We estimate about 70% of the material in the tub comes from your body. However, The color of the water will change with or without feet. That’s because the ions also neutralize whatever is in your water source. The color change does not equal detox. People can and do detox through their feet, but the main detox benefit happens after the footbath, through urine, stool, and sweat. The color change is fascinating, but the most beneficial part of the cleanse is everything that comes afterwards.

Who cannot use the IonClease? 

We recommend any person who falls into one of more of the following categories do NOT use the IonCleanse system:

  • People who have a pacemaker.

  • Organ transplant recipients.

  • Pregnant or nursing women.

  • Anyone on medication where the absence of which would cause mental or physical impairment, such as psychotic episodes, seizures, etc.

  • Anyone on blood thinners (Coumadin or Warfarin) or medications that regulate heartbeat.

Does this pull good minerals from the body?

The IonCleanse won't pull anything from thebody that the body is using or needs. If you have an excess of minerals in your body, the IonCleanse may help the body detox them. 

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The IonCleanse® by AMD provides the most thorough and efficient way to cleanse and purify the body. It is a non-invasive, full-body detoxification system that has a perfect safety record in its 15+ years in business.

The IonCleanse® by AMD helps the body detox through the healing power of ions. Ions, because of their powerful charge, cleanse the body more effectively than any other method of detox. The process is safe and helps put the body into a natural relaxation state. 

Pricing for the IonCleanse by AMD

Single Session: $40 (Bring a friend for $35 each!)

6 Session Pack: $210 (only $35 each)

12 Session Pack: $360 (only $30 each)

Clients see the best results when they do multiple sessions. Ideally, clients use the foot bath 2 times per week as a starting point. Depending on how you feel, you may prefer to do another series (either twice per week or once per week) to continue to detox. Once the body is fairly well detoxed, a maintenance program of twice per month should be followed as part of an ideal healthy lifestyle.

By Appointments Only.

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