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Dandy Blend

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

A Delicious Dandelion Beverage

Dandy Blend is an instant herbal beverage that has a rich, full-bodied taste of coffee that is made with Dandelions. Europeans drank a beverage similar to Dandy Blend for centuries. But in 1988, Dr. Peter Gail, known as the “king of Dandelions” brought Dandy Blend to the market place.

Dandy Blend is a delightful, flavorful beverage made for water extracts of three roasted roots including Dandelion, Chicory and Red Beet and two roasted grains including Barley and Rye. This product is gluten free, uses no sweeteners, no preservatives or artificial flavors or chemicals. It contains no caffeine, acidity or bitterness. Moreover, each cup contains 630 mg of Dandelion/Chicory extract.

If you have been looking for a coffee substitute that is healthy, Dandy Blend may be just the answer. This product is so versatile that you can make it as a tea-like beverage, a rich, full bodied coffee or an espresso-strength type beverage. It can be drank hot or cold.

Dandelion root has a well known history of being a liver tonic, blood purifier, and a diuretic. So take advantage of these amazing health benefits in this great tasting beverage. This product is available at The Lamb Shoppe.

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