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Yoga Dog Relaxation Studio

Stacy Penk

Reiki Master | Certified Yoga Instructor


Reiki’s soothing and balancing energy can be useful for ourselves, our loved ones, and even our pets. It can be used to restore and nourish the body of everyday life stressors. Reiki is used to aid the body's natural ability to heal headaches, exhaustion, colds, sleeplessness, injuries, and other forms of “dis-ease”.

Rei: means universe, Ki: life force energy.

Reiki is energy that vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love. This vibration helps the body get out of the anxious vibrations “flight or flight” that so many of us seem to consistently find ourselves in. When our bodies recognize the relaxing vibration of Reiki energy flowing, it can release stuck and unexpressed emotions from the body which then allows our bodies to begin the healing process.

About Reiki Master Stacy Penk

Stacy is a Reiki Master who is passionate about working with universal energy to help clients discover what true wellness means for them, to help them understand that they have the power to heal themselves. Reiki energy can be a guiding light in this process. Stacy is an intuitive empath and can help clients understand some of the subtle energies and thought patterns that may be limiting their overall wellness potential. Stacy also has a B.A. degree in Psychology and also has her RYT 230-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate.

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Services Offered
  • Reiki Healing

  • Biomat Infrared Therapy 

  • Sound Therapy Techniques

Hours: By appointment only. Call, text, or e-mail to schedule an appointment.

Phone: 320-221-2997