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Knotted Pine Massage Therapy

Relaxing Candles

Shania Hasse

Certified Massage Therapist

About Shania Hasse


Shania's passion for massage therapy came from her own experience of receiving a postpartum massage. She remembers laying on the massage table in the calm environment, taking in the first moment she had to herself since becoming a mom, and thinking “this feeling is something every person should experience”. Peace and tranquility.

Her goal is to provide a calm and safe space to help assist clients in letting their body and mind come to a relaxed state while using various massage modalities such as therapeutic techniques and Gua Sha that help to relieve discomfort and pain. She looks forward to helping others the way she was once helped, and she couldn’t be more excited! 

Currently taking appointments on Wednesdays 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm & Thursdays 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

Office: 320-587-6094

Cell: 320-223-5651

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Massage Session

Therapeutic Touch is a light massage technique that helps realign your body's natural energy flows. Additional modalities will be used based on individual needs.

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Gua Sha Treatment

The key point is to scrape the skin (commonly the upper back) to invigorate blood flow, release heat-toxins, stimulate lymphatic drainage, activate various points of the body, and bring helpful cells to the area by stimulating an immune response. Sometimes this action creates some discoloration on the skin, which can look dramatic. But rest assured, there is no pain and the petechiae usually goes away within days.

Mud Spa

Black Baltic Body Wrap

Free skin of environmental stress and toxins with a centuries-old curative. This unique black mud utilizes colloidal Black European Fresh Water Silts to improve skin texture and extract pore-clogging impurities that damage and weaken skin. The Black Baltic silts promote cell oxygenation, assist in removing debris and impurities, and replenish moisture while imparting freshness, firmness and uniformity to the skin. Cruelty Free

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