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Apron Mamas Doula

Apron Mamas Doula goes back to the basics of prenatal encouragement, birth support, and postpartum cares.  There is a benefit to extra support for the mama in labor and doulas understand the physiology of birth, how to assist not only in preparing for, and carrying out the birth plans, but also the emotional support, encouragement, advocate, physical comfort measures and assistance.  I am here to help nurture your experience into one that you treasure for a lifetime.

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Hannah Mahlstedt, Doula


Services offered:

  • Pregnancy & Birth Support

  • Postpartum Care (sibling care, meal coordinating, cleaning, general support)

  • Pictures at Birth

  • Overnight Care (mama, baby, siblings, etc.)



View website at: for more information or contact me to chat.


Apron Mamas Doula

PO Box 787

Cokato MN 55321



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